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For companies interested in accessing Bonnier News’ content for stand alone services, e.g. web crawling, media monitoring, or big data analysis, we offer Content Partnerships.  With a Content Partnership you can be sure that your customers get the right data and that the use is in accordance with copyright laws. 

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Data Mining Headline and 140 characters
Search Headline, 140 characters and deep link
Distribution Headline, full text, deep link
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Data Mining Full text
Search Full text
Distribution Full text/PDF
Data access Full text Full text Full text/PDF
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Data Mining RSS
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Delivery format RSS RSS RSS/FTP
Data Mining Fixed annual fee
Search Fixed annual fee
Distribution Fixed annual fee plus fee per end client
Pricing Fixed annual fee Fixed annual fee Fixed annual fee plus fee per end client
Data reporting
Data Mining None
Search None
Distribution #Clicks per end client
Data reporting None None #Clicks per end client
Data Mining 90 days
Search 90 days
Distribution 365 days
Archive 90 days 90 days 365 days

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Mikael Lindström

Business Manager Content Partnerships


+46 73 558 49 30


Why should my company become a Content Partner?

A Content Partner agreement gives you the right to use Bonnier News’ content in your own service. You can access all content, including content behind paywall, and may use it according to the terms of each solution. The usage is cleared commercially and from a copyright perspective. 


What types of business need does a Content Partnership usually meet?

Content Partnerships cover e.g. web crawling and web scraping of Bonnier News’ sites and e-papers. Our partners include companies within media monitoring, business intelligence, big data analysis, and other fields.


Can I get access to the content via a subscription?

Subscriptions to Bonnier News sites and papers are strictly for personal use only. A Content Partnership is required for any kind of commercial use of Bonnier News’ copyrighted material.