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Bonnier Business Medias general terms and conditions for conference participation and processing of personal data. Published 15 May 2018

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General terms and conditions

Terms and conditions conferences

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These General terms and conditions for conference participation and processing of personal data (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”) shall apply between a registered participant (the “Customer”) and Bonnier Business Media Sweden AB, reg. no. 556468-8892 (hereinafter designated “BBM”) in conjunction with participation in, and provision of, a conference arranged by BBM. By registering for a conference, the Customer confirms that he or she has read, understood, and undertakes to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, including BBM’s personal data policy which constitutes part of the Terms and Conditions.


BBM’s undertaking and the purpose of the conference


Conferences which BBM arranges are provided to the participants, including the Customer, in their capacity as traders or otherwise in respect of their profession.

BBM’s conferences are sponsored by companies which operate in the relevant industry or are otherwise interested in the subject of the specific conference. BBM’s undertaking comprises arranging conferences which are aimed at providing the Customer with a relevant and professional transfer of knowledge in the relevant subject matter area and creating a platform for a future relationship between the Customer and BBM as well as between the Customer and involved sponsors before, during, and/or after a completed conference. BBM shall ensure that the relationship between the Customer, on the one hand, and BBM and involved sponsors, on the other hand, takes place via the means of contact/contact information provided by the Customer upon registration for a conference.


The conference’s subject, time, sponsors, etc.


When the Customer registers, they select the BBM conference in which they choose to participate. There is current information on each brand’s site regarding the conference’s subject, speakers, times, location where it will be held, participating sponsors, and so forth. BBM reserves the right to make changes to the conference programme until the day on which the conference takes place.


Impediment to participation in a conference


The Customer’s registration for participation at BBM’s conference is binding. The Customer may, however, assign the right to participate at a conference to another person, provided BBM is notified thereof before the conference takes place. However, in order to be entitled to participate at the conference, such person must also personally confirm that he or she has read, understood, and undertakes to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, including BBM’s personal data policy.


Processing of personal data


As a consequence of the Customer’s registration for and participation in the service constituted by BBM’s conference, BBM and the Bonnier Group will store and process the personal data which the Customer provides to enable BBM to perform its undertakings pursuant to this agreement, and for marketing, statistics, and analysis, as well as for internal administrative purposes in accordance with the provisions of the personal data policy which constitutes a part of this agreement.




Please refer to the personal data policy regarding BBM’s and the Bonnier Group’s use of cookies.


Force majeure


BBM is entitled to cancel the conference if the carrying out of the conference is affected by an event beyond BBM’s control, such as labour dispute, fire, acts of authorities, war, natural disaster or course leader’s sudden illness. BBM is also entitled to cancel the conference if BBM due to such event assess that the carrying out of the conference may be of risk to humans’ life or health.

Should BBM cancel the conference due to any such event, you may either choose to participate in another conference for the same fee or choose to have the fee refunded. You will not be granted any compensation in excess of the refunding of the participation fee.